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Cuneo Inox S.r.l has two warehouses, for a total area of 25.000 sqm. The warehouses are organised following efficient logistic criteria, in order to minimise dispatch time and guarantee our clients a fast material delivery.

A wide range of products

Our warehouse houses a wide range of stainless steel products, which are classified and arranged following accurate logistic criteria, in order to preserve their quality and to make the dispatch procedure easier.

An efficient service

The efficiency and expertise of our staff permit us to constantly meet delivery dates of material, which is adequately packed and protected according to clients’ requests.

Flexibility and personalisation

The clients are at the heart of our work and so are their requirements and needs, which we strive to meet in every way, from transport service to the packaging of materials. This is the reason why flexibility and personalisation are two key aspects of our warehouse, since they’re essential to guarantee our clients a complete service.

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Technology and experience of Cuneo Inox strive to meet every technical requirement and every need of specific application.