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Cuneo Inox S.r.l. was created in 1990 by the Pavan family, who has been working in the iron and steel industry for more than 65 years.
Today the company is operating on the national market and it is starting to operate on the international one too. Thanks to its commercial network, it offers a wide range of products, all in stainless steel, placed in its 25.000-sqm-wide warehouse.

Looking ahead,
bearing in mind tradition

This is the entrepreneurial philosophy which enabled the company, created in 1953 as a small artisan workshop, to grow during the years and to become the successful group on national level of today.
This result was made possible by a direct transfer of knowledge from generation to generation, which increases, thanks to experience and values of the past, the technological upgrading, that enables us to look ahead.
Cuneo Inox S.r.l. has a commercial network, able to serve the Italian and European market; it offers definite time delivery and a constant quality to their clients, who, with their requirements, are the driving force of its constant innovation.

We invest in people, not only in technology

The business is family-run, and this is one of the main features that characterizes the soul of the company. We identify our strength in people, more than in machines. In fact, the members of our team, competent and qualified, are the power of our company and they strive to meet each client’s requirements.

Four stainless generations

We look ahead with positivity,
ready to embrace change and innovation, but always bearing in mind the importance of the principles and values, which enabled us to become the successful and recognized group we are today.


"Elio Pavan Saldature" was created as a small artisan workshop by Elio Pavan.


The will to find new prospects
led to the creation of “Salderia Pavan”,
with which we started the first iron
light carpentry constructions.


The decision to specialise exclusively
in stainless steel manufacture
led to the creation
of “Pavan Inox S.n.c”,
which mainly worked on the
realisation of medium-light carpentry
constructions in stainless steel.
These constructions were mostly
for the food and paper industry.


The rising demand of stainless
steel led the management to
take up a new challenge: commercial
activity. It is thanks to this,
together with the opening of a new
warehouse of stainless steel products,
that Cuneo Inox S.r.l.
was created.


“Pavan Inox S.n.c” was incorporated
in “Cuneo Inox S.r.l”,
creating a company
which mainly focused on the commercialisation
of stainless steel materials. The synergy
between the two companies allowed Cuneo Inox
to grow and to expand the business on
national level, becoming
an important reference point for
other Piedmontese firms.


The great increase in commercial activity and the
rising demand for semi-finished products
made the company move to new premises,
in the industrial area of Castelletto Stura,
where a new, wider warehouse was built,
together with sale departments and back-offices.


Today Cuneo Inox S.r.l. is carrying
on its business, investing in
innovative technologies and
acquiring new technical skills,
which allow us to offer our clients
a unique and complete service.